PCL326 – Nothing!! with Jay the Hauntcub

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pcl326PCL326 – Nothing!! with Jay the Hauntcub

On tonight’s Show – Buhlou, Dave Skeeter and Romo.

  1. Opening sequence
  2. Episode Identification
  3. The WIRe
  4. Buhlou Gets An Idea
  5. Heidi Klum Pays A Visit
  6. Voices and Topics
  7. Roxxy Andrews Murders A Bear
  8. Romo’s Mother and Hello Chatroom
  9. Voice Mails
  10. Comic Corner with Hauntcub
  11. Closing Sequence

Reminder that All Episodes are Chaptered for your convenience.

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Written by Romo


3 thoughts on “PCL326 – Nothing!! with Jay the Hauntcub

  1. Hey guys. Just wanted to thank you again for having me on. It was lots of fun. Hope I didn’t bore too much with the comics stuff.

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