Meet the New Face Of Podcubs!!
Merry Christmas
The Pod Cubs would like to take the time to say to each and everyone of you our friends, fans, listeners, loved ones… Merry Christmas! May your new [...]
Happy Thanksgiving?
A fellow driver once said “and Happy Rape, Murder, Pillage, Oppress and Imprison Day!” in response to my Happy Thanksgiving wishes. I asked him [...]
We will be moving to 2 podcasts a week starting this week.  Due to issues with recording and editing, we felt that wer could get a better show out to you [...]
Am I wrong?
On last week I made a comment about not wearing the pink triangle or any sign that was ever used as a sign of oppression as a tool to remember such [...]
riding along in my automobile
it’s a gray day in atlanta. Driving down to stockbridge to do some yard work.  Also to prepare for tonights podcast.  Buhlou and I haven’t [...]