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PCL321 – Make Room for the New Black
  PCL320 – You’ll Have A Finger In Your Mouth All Night! This episode was also done live on youtube.  You can view it here. [...]
Big Dipper – Meat Quotient
Had the pleasure of coming across and cumming across this gem.  Enjoy!! Support the Artist by going to Big Dipper’s Website
My Daddy Taught Me Good
Romo and Buhlou Make Reference to this video in the upcoming podcast.  I thought it would be cute to go ahead and add it before Episode 10.  Which is [...]
I Feel Happy
Wow!!!  No post since Thanksgiving day.  I thank Buhlou for that.  As I have a moment to reflect on what I am most thankful for this holiday season, I [...]
Romo’s On the Tequila
OMG… Romo is on the tequilla.  Let’s say i had a hell of a day at the office today.  Buhloo was afraid to talk to me today.  It was just that bad.  To the [...]
Outspoken?? Oh Yeah!
  I thought that this was perfect for our first posting.  Romo is definitely outspoken, so is his co-host Buhloo.  Loved Fergie’s commercial. Wishing that [...]