Dating and Hookup sites

So I have been single now for a bit of time and in that time I have really concentrated on work and my social circle. I have actually really enjoyed being my own man, not that it really changes that much when I am involved in a relationship, but none the less I have enjoyed it. Lately though, work has started to settle down and I’ve been able to have my definite days off and just recently started thinking it would be fun to begin dating. I have game, I like to think I am not too terrible to look at and well I can really let loose and have fun. I have always<well let me clarify, when I have been single>been connected to a few chat sites.<aka Hook up sites> But I have typically used those for late night rendezvous, mostly because I am smart enough or rather jaded enough to know there cannot be too much more to these various sites. So this is where the dilemma comes into play, I have noticed that I get enough men flirting with me but not one of them has ever just come out and asked me on a date. I am all about flirting and being aggressive but is it too much to ask in 2011 for another gay man to make the first move?

I am not feeling sad about this…I am certainly able to get “attention” when needed but I am ready to start thinking about settling down again. I guess it is the nesting syndrome that occupies my brain from time to time. I wonder sometimes though if I am sending off the wrong vibes, I am a very confident and strong-minded man and definitely don’t fit into the mold of “I need a man to complete me”. But I hope that all this confidence hasn’t eliminated me from the race. Can we truly have it all? I spent over 10 years with one man and couldn’t find a career that suited me and now that I am secure in my career, am I destined to be alone? As you can imagine my friends have all told me the right man will come along at the right time. My response is always, apparently me and this Mister Right are just two ships passing, because we certainly are not on the same page yet.

So I guess for now work will continue to be my life partner and glasses of red wine will comfort me in my times of need. I will continue to let my foursquare check-ins and Facebook updates be the map to direct my Mister Right to me.

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