Envy:Healthy or Unhealthy?

Have you ever heard anyone ever use the phrase,”He/she is green with Envy”? I hadn’t heard that phrase used in many years and then out of the blue on my way to work I over heard a mother say it to her teenage daughter. Got me thinking about things and realized I am most definitely someone who can tend to be overly envious of my friends and what they might have or breaks I perceive they have gotten. Question for me though is” Is being envious bad?” When I am having a great work week and the money is flowing and I am able to buy myself different items, I find that I am still fairly envious of my friends. And I realize that there are definitely times when this envy can switch over and magnify my depression but for the most part it just makes me want to strive to be better. I want to make something very clear as well, I am very proud of what my friends have accomplished to have the things they have, so this isn’t something where I just want stuff that my friends have, there are just times when I wonder what I might have missed to get me on a similar level.

This envy  rears its “ugly head” again when I am thinking about being single. The main difference in the envy in this situation is that I have been known to look at people I don’t even know and judge their partnerships. I was lucky enough to be in a relationship for 10 years and now count my ex-boyfriend as a friend but man sometimes that just isn’t enough. So my question for my readers is this, “Do you think being envious is bad?”

Envy to me is a natural part of our lives. For me when I turn on the television I find myself being envious of the fact that these certain actors are on television, but yet I haven’t really done anything to get myself  to the same position. I pick up a local gay magazine and see all of these pictures of people I don’t know posing and having fun at this event or that and again I am envious. I’ve already been told by close friends that I have no filter and I share too much and may tend to get over attached to the wrong things, and I am sure a few of them will shake their heads when seeing my blog posts. The one characteristic that I envy in myself funny enough is that I am so open and forward and a bit of a loud-mouth. Who do you envy? Are you comfortable admitting your envious side?

Green in more ways than one….


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