So here is my take on that title and even deeper within the word itself.  I like my friends, even when they don’t always stand up for me. My description for myself as it pertains to friendships is quite simple..Have my back. That is all I require in a friend, I don’t need you paying for my dinner, and I don’t even need you agreeing with all of my points. But if I am going to be asked to sit silent as you go on about your newest man<or woman> and be required to take your side as you flip flop back and forth, then have a bit of the same for me. I count myself very lucky to have had some wonderful people in my life, but lately I have to say I might have been a little quick in allowing a few people into my life. I am using this subject as my first blog because I have noticed a change in how often I get calls to hang out and have to assume I have missed some memo.Where was I when your bf left you or cheated on you, oh that is right I was sitting next to you at a bar helping you drown your sorrows in cheap beer. Where was I when you lost your job and what about when you couldn’t decide when or how you were going to come out to your family. Well I guess to you our friendship is disposable…or something you can hang in the back of your closet, only to be taken out when and if the occasion allows for it.  As I send out my first blog…I want you to ask yourself, this one question.

What have I done lately for someone in my life to just make that person feel connected to me? Remember at some point you made a conscience effort to bring your friends into your life. Was the part where you dropped out of their life a conscience effort as well?* yes I know that was two questions…just answer them.

From my mind to this blog..I bid you goodnight.


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