Happy Thanksgiving?

A fellow driver once said “and Happy Rape, Murder, Pillage, Oppress and Imprison Day!” in response to my Happy Thanksgiving wishes. I asked him what he meant by that, he then explained how we as Pilgrims responded to the hospitality, trust and generosity of the Native Americans with lies, decent, violence and treachery. We as Pilgrims spread like virus, consuming the resources if the land, poisoning the natives of the land by imposing our mysticism, which we allegedly left a continent to escape religious persecution so that we could religiously persecute an entirely new continent.

I stopped him and asked him if he could step aside so that I could get to the coffee maker in the drivers lounge. I made my coffee while he lamented and waxed on. I departed with my coffee to return to the solitude of my Freightliner enlightened.

What did I learn that day? Mind your own Fuck’n business and keep your pie hole shut until after my first cup of coffee.

But for what it’s worth, Happy Thanksgiving.

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