I feel Happy part deux

I couldn’t help but laugh and to make a post tonight.  Buhlou decided to be nice today.  I wished him luck in his endeavor as an supportive friend would do, I knew how this would turn out but as a devoted friend I had to let him see where this would take him.  I’ve learned in 33 years that everything has to be moderated.  I’m not a bitch 24/7.   You have to take time to not be one.  And I do take time to not be one.  It’s usually when I don’t have to deal with people.  When you keep all your pent up frustrations bottled up and you finally let go…. Hell hath no fury.  Run Like Hell!!  I know for me thats the case, but I get Buhlou’s facebook update that states and I quote….

“STATUS UPDATE: 18:25 Central- I snapped at Starbuck’s Gulf Shores, Alabama. Never put a embryo in charge of my coffee! There were things that she needed to know about herself, her family, her career, and her life.”

I for the most part stay out of his facebook life.  I didn’t respond, but I did get a call from him that stated the same thing.  He went into detail about what happened.  I have learned that you never mess with the people that handle your money or your food.

To the embryo that endured his wrath, understand that I feel sorry for you, but in a way you had it coming.

To Buhlou, We think you are just fine the way you are.  Don’t go changing.

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