It’s the Holiday Season

So here we go, it is that time of year again. Three holidays thrown at us pretty much at the same time so Happy Thanks O’ Christoween. I am such a fan of them all really except the parts where it seems everyone seems to put themselves deeper into debt. I was just at the local mall and was surprised<not really> to hear the customer in front of me receive her total. She had spent something like 1600.00 dollars and her response was well I am still paying off my kids birthday from 2 years ago, so I won’t worry about this for another 2 years. Oh to be a single guy during the holidays, last post I talked about dating and this post I am thankful that I have really only myself to worry about. The other reality during this time of year for me and millions of others is depression. The one thing I have learned though is that I really just need to treat the holidays as any other time of the year. I have great people in my life and they typically aren’t the type to allow me to get in a funk, but my reality is that just like we allow ourselves to splurge on extra helpings at Thanksgiving and spending a little more at Christmas I allow myself to feel down.

Yes I said it, I have worked depression into my life. Hell it creeps up every year at the same time, so I figure treat it like a part of my every day. Honestly it has lost a great deal of it’s power since I’ve shined the light on it. No more days or weeks of sleeping all day and night, I have been able to compact it into maybe 8 hours. No pills,no doctors, just me looking myself in the mirror and saying “Grow some balls”! I think back to a number of years ago when I was homeless in Beverly Hills<ask me for more details, those days are their own blog> but seriously I had absolutely nothing, my pride was shot, I was starving, I couldn’t have smelled that great but somehow I managed to get back on my feet and start over. The images of living on the streets and wondering where I would find my next meal were awful and yet it is all these years later and I have that great job, I know where my next meal is coming from again. Man I was depressed during all that and yet here I am, back on the proverbial horse.

This is my short and sweet message during the holidays, stop allowing yourself to be a prisoner. Take back the power whether it be fromĀ  a bad job, a hurtful relationship or over indulging, you need to own your issues, once you do you can finally start living. Allow yourself to be human, be sad, get mad but then get the hell over it!

Jingling my bells for you always



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