Opportunity: The Hand that was dealt to you

We are all made to believe as we grow up that we have every opportunity to succeed as long as we put our minds to it. How many times did a teacher or a parent say that to you when you were younger? Or even better God does for those who do for themselves. Now that is one secret to supposedly becoming successful, but there was another phrase thrown around as I started getting older and trying to make my way in the world. How many of you were told as you entered the business world “It’s all about who you know”? So which one is it? Do we have to put our minds to it or is it based on who we know? I personally like to think my life became what it is based on the latter of the two success criteria. I have made it a point to make sure all the right people were surrounding me, and I always made sure I made myself available to the right people at the right time. I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most wonderful people in the last twenty years, some have stayed close in my life and others have fallen off my radar. But the important part about each of these people, is what opportunities I received from them. So many people come into our lives for various reasons and so many things happen to us for an equally important amount of reasons. The key I believe is to relish each opportunity that is afforded you for what ever reason, the main objective is to take the important tidbits from the opportunity and use it to better yourself.

I can remember being an angry young man back when I was in my teens, the anger stemmed from many things but honestly for the most part I didn’t believe that I was being given the same opportunities as many of my friends. This for me became the catalyst for wanting more, it allowed me to think ahead and figure out how I could get away from the life I had back in Kentucky. I spent many years after leaving that small rural town concentrating on what I perceived as the issues and situations that were keeping me from reaching my desired potential. It wasn’t until years later that I came to the realization that everything that occurred back when I was younger, sort of made me the man I had become in later years. I still struggle with what life might have been like if I had a different upbringing but the real truth is that as much as I’d like to think I might have had it better, it certainly could have been worse. I have survived many bad periods in my life, but I have also been graced with an incredible amount of great periods as well. Recently I was told that I can be a little bit too direct, I took offense to that comment mostly because I honestly feel like there are not enough people in the world who can tell it like it is, without fear or concern of making someone angry.

I think for me the opportunities that were awarded to me came based on who I was at the time. I truly think if I changed how I approach situations and if I wasn’t so direct the outcome would be very stale for me. My life grew into what it is today because I woke up every day knowing that I would always be direct, that when people were around me they would always know exactly where they stood with me. The hand that was dealt to me is my opportunity to be whatever I choose and for me I choose being honest and direct and letting my life always stay true to those characteristics. For me a community of people who back each other up and offer up bits of advice based on various life opportunities, is the sort of community that I appreciate.

Working together for the greater good till the next Blog


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