PCL302 – Welcome Back Buhlou!

PCL302 – Welcome Back Buhlou

Intro Music
Episode Live Show 302 for Thursday October 25, 2012
the WIRe – Podcubs (W)eek (I)n (Re)view.
1. Buhlou (if Available)
2. Dave
3. Romo
i. Cubs Out Loud – Either Our News Feed or Theirs
ii. Website Issues – Fixed… I think
iii. The GIA/HAIBB Debate – The Great Cover Debate!
Closure – Michigan Woman Who Wins Lottery Dies from Possible Drug Overdose (Amanda Clayton)
Ann Coulter Calling People a Retard. Does she have room to talk.
Stupid Crook – Woman allegedly attempts to rob a bank where she is on the first name basis with the staff.
Announce Dr. H. Mo Segment
Shout Outs and Hellos to the Chat Room.
Close the Show!

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