PCL312 – Happy Birthday Buhlou Bear

PCL312 – Happy Birthday Buhlou Bear

a.    Opening Sequence

b.    Hi and Hello

c.    Honestly Where is Buhlou?

d.    The WIRe

a.    Dave

b.    Buhlou

c.    Skeeter

d.    Romo

i.              Nashville

ii.             Bad Service

iii.            New Years Eve

iv.            Do I still have my Titanium Card and voting Privileges?

e.    Voice Mails

f.     Discussion Box

a.    Topic 1. Child support Claim rankles donor to lesbian couple

g.    Happy Birthday Buhlou Bear

h.    Skype in – Phone in

i.      The Cubs say Goodnight

j.      Closing Sequence

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