PCL313 – My Dick Gets Lonely

pcl313PCL313 – My Dick Gets Lonely

All the bears/cubs are back and in rare form tonight.

a.    Opening Sequence

b.    Hi and Hello

c.    Honestly Where is Buhlou?

d.    The WIRe
a.    Dave
That Damn Squirrel
b.    Buhlou
The Driver File
c.    Skeeter
Sleep Much?
d.    Romo
i.  Atlanta Botanical Gardens
ii.  Hot Guy
iii.  The Dangers of Me Drinking!
iv.  Oh My Goodness, My car smells like a smoker died in it.

e.    Voice Mails

f.     Discussion Box
Topic 1. Brocodes What are they and do they still exist?

g.    The Cubs say Goodnight

h.    Closing Sequence

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