Podcubs Live! – 01.12.12 – 1 Gurl 4 Gays

Podcubs Live! – 01.12.12 – 1 Gurl 4 Gays

Since we usually have a lot of fun with questions with our guest, we decided to retry a segment that we love 1 Gurl 4 Gays.

This segment will recur each month. To Become The Gurl or One the the Gays please e-mail us.

The Gurl – Christina from Greetings from Nowhere Podcast.
The Gays – All Podcubs (Real or Honorariums)
George from the The Gay Country Boy Podcast
TimmySimms from his Audioboos and of course…
Romo and Buhlou
20 Questions about Life Love and Pop Culture

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