Podcubs LIVE! 09.29.11 Part 1

Podcubs LIVE!!! 09.29.11 Part 1

Buhlou continues his hiatus. Will he be back next week?? George from The Life of A Gay Country Boy fills in again.

1. Website
2. Voicemails??
3. Anniversary Show
4. Atlanta Pridefest 2011
5. Atlanta Field Day
6. Birthdays – Tim, Andy, Christina from Greetings from Nowhere
7. Podcast Awards – Vote for US
8. The Maie Bikini
9. This Week in News
A. Judge Nullifies Previous Ruling on DADT
B. Bristol Palin vs the heckler
C. Glee Gorgeous Gay
D. Don’t Kiss your GF on a plane
10. 2 am voice mails
11. Romo the Medical POA

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