POV0019 – Beat Your Kids! Seriously.

The guys are back and are joined once again by Satyr69 for a post birthday follow-up.

Romo gets his blu-ray porn this week. Romo gives his best reading of one of the synopsis. Buhlou wonders if the act of seduction still exists. Romo argued that its just like southern hospitality, you have to find a real southerner to experience it.
People over 60 sexting. Should they do it. The guys have differing view points. Does any one side win??

Romo wants to have kids just to take them to Wal-mart to beat them. Just as an example to other parents.. or maybe to put the fear of Jesus in his??

Satyr whips it out…. his dildo and fleshlight.

Romo Contemplates and Exorcism of Buhlou. Or Atleast before he goes to the store. Any Store.

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