Taking you at your word

Five words written probably haven’t had to carry as much weight as “Taking you at your word”, and yet it seems as though people don’t seem to have any concept anymore for what those five words actually mean. I like to think when something is asked of me that I can commit one hundred percent to making it happen. I tend to be the friend people come to when trying to make an important decision, or when they feel as though they have been wronged by someone in their life. I enjoy the role that I play in my friends life, I guess the nosy side of me really gets a kick out of having my ears to other peoples business but in the end I really like helping people make the best out of every situation they are involved in. I take everything personally and really don’t understand when people tell me that I shouldn’t, I am a full-time participant in my life and that means anything and everything that happens in it is personal. I wouldn’t consider myself to be sensitive and that I think is where the difference is for most people, If it is important enough for someone to come to me with an issue then you can be certain that I am going to take it personally and take that person at their word, and if at the end of the situation the person shows their stupidity I can assure you my feelings will be shown.

There is a situation in my life now where a friend helped me with the purchase of something, at the time of the agreement we had agreed on a payment plan and I kept up on my side of that and actually paid more than was requested twice, my word was that I would pay the amount and I kept up with my word. This friend has since gotten involved in a new relationship and it has been almost a year, give or take a month and I have actually not heard anything at all from this person. No return emails, no return calls…a promise of “we will get together soon” has been months back with no actual keeping of their word. Now this irks me on many levels, but mostly it aggravates me because this person was always someone whose word I trusted and now I have to admit I doubt I’d believe anything out of their mouth. I do not want to paint the picture that I am perfect because I never have been and honestly never want to even try to live up to a perfect existence but it definitely aggravates me that people can so casually just say one thing and do something drastically different.

We wonder as a society why our government is so shady, we get harassed as a gay community because of people not understanding our lifestyle, but for me all of this is rooted in how people are raised and how much emphasis is placed on keeping your word. How terribly hard is it to follow through with what you say you are going to allow someone to expect from you? And if what people might expect from you is such a burden, do us all a favor and stay out of society. I love this blog because it allows me the chance to share an opinion, but make no mistake I am willing and quite able to say all of this to the face of anyone who might want to know my opinion. I make a consistent effort every day to make demands of myself that might be outside of my comfort zone, not because it is expected but because I enjoy the growth in my overall frame of mind.

Aggravated and yet still smiling till the next Blog,


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