The reality of Celebrity is a Travesty….just sayin.

So for years I thought it would be great to get into acting and possibly see myself on the big screen. Not to say that dream is totally gone but the reality shows and the celebrities themselves are making me very happy that I put all of that on hold. First we have ourselves the self proclaimed Darling of D.C.  Society<see Real-housewives of D.C.>, Mrs. Michale Salahi getting herself caught up in yet another scandal.<What ever happen to the fifteen minutes of fame scenario> Seems Mister Salahi hadn’t heard from his beautiful and shall I say sneaky bride in a few hours, so he did what any loving husband would do , he called the FBI. Seems he was frantic thinking his precious beauty had been kidnapped. I know what you are thinking, this is another PR stunt, but no, you are mistaken. This is just an old-fashioned story of man marries woman and woman is found by FBI, in the “company” of the guitarist from Journey. So I was reveling in this hot gossip for all of about  two minutes when I came across this next little tidbit. Scarlett Johannson also seems to have the FBI on speed dial, seems little Ms. Girl with a Pearl Earring, had some pictures of her nude leaked to the internet. Well I was stunned and also amazed, how is it possible that these pictures would get “leaked”? Needless to say this is only my opinion, but seems like we haven’t seen her recently and even though she seems to be claiming she doesn’t know anything about the pictures being taken,  in one she is clearly holding the camera.

So just taking these two stories into account, I would never be able to have any privacy. Let’s remember I do not shy away from attention, I have been known to be less than classy while enjoying a beverage or two. Perez Hilton would have a field day with my Jack Daniels fueled antics and Tmz would have to build an entire new wing to their media offices just to be able to cover the stories I’d offer up to them. Attention and fame can most definitely bring to the table a delicious array of treats, but we must remember that old adage, “You are what you eat”. If you want to be taken seriously, let your talent and hard work be the testament, because for every actor or actress that thinks that “leaked” photos and scandal will help pave the way for them, there are hundreds of wannabees that will gladly step over you to make their mark.  All and all for me these scandals can be entertaining and maybe there in lies the biggest problem with our society, maybe when we the consumers stop allowing ourselves to be entertained by this nonsense, maybe then the Hollywood types and their ridiculousness will fade away.

heading off the Red Carpet without the Paparazzi,


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